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Welcome to FC Haven!Edit

Welcome to FC Haven. A Wiki designed to introduce fan characters to the world.

It doesn't matter who the character is, who the creator is, what media the character is for, if they're well-known or not. If you have an FC, bring 'em on down! :)

Look What's New!

Here are the newest edits to our wiki. For additional information, see our Recent Changes log.

  • new page Caroline (Sing)
    created by QueenMiharu 5 hours ago
    New page: Caroline Personal Nicknames/Aliases Cary Gender Female Species Cat Occupation/Status Bartender Age Unknown Birthdate ...
    Added categories: FCs, Movie FCs
  • new page Oceanyan
    created by CloudyDog 19 hours ago
    New page: Oceanyan Personal Nicknames/Aliases Bouncenyan, Umbranyan Gender Female Species Unknown Occupation/Status Unknown Age ...
  • edit Vespa
    edited by CloudyDog 19 hours ago diff
  • new page Vespa
    created by CloudyDog 19 hours ago
    New page: Vespa is a fan character for Yo-Kai Watch. Bio Edit PersonalityEdit TriviaEdit

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